Five steps for big improvements


There are various acronyms on offer for how to go about improvement projects viz:

  • PDCA from TQM
  • DMAIC from Six Sigma
  • SREDIM from Work Study


All boil down to much the same process

Managers, whatever their level and team size, need to take just five basic steps to make big productivity improvements

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The five steps, with notes about the situation in most organisations, are:

1. Corporate plans i.e. one page summaries for all employees – if they exist, they’re not seen or understood by most managers, never mind employees – most lie unused, gathering dust on shelves once written

2. Performance measures – Many managers have lots of measures but most lack 80% of the measures they need

3. Analysis of potential – Most managers don’t know how to assess the % scope they have to improve, especially when they don’t even have good measures to start with

4. Special improvement projects – Most managers have not been taught how to manage special improvement projects – and, if any projects are started by in-house teams, most run out of stamina to finish the course well before big improvements are achieved

5. Continuous improvement – Most in the West ignore the huge benefits possible from seeking to improve any and every where, on a daily basis

It’s little wonder national productivity improvement is slow at best, whatever the organisation



The above five steps also apply to action required of government ministers for they have a significant role to play in productivity improvement

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Note the same problems as above arise with each step

Hence, despite well-intended speeches and media headlines about the need to improve productivity and ‘close gaps’, little effective change happens

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