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May 20

Never has so much help been focussed on so few

May, 2017 The top 20 national economies on Planet Earth currently  comprise some 80% of global GDP – and the top 20% of organisations within those economies, the vanguard are usually the only ones who continuously improve whilst the other 80%, the tail-gaters and laggards, never catch up or fall further behind Why so? Diffusion of  transformational technology …

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Apr 25

EU to become USE?

April, 2017 Since the euro-based austerity crises visited on Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy – followed by the refugee crises causing Schengen alarm bells to ring loudly across most EU states – then Brexit – and now elections in France and Germany raising increasingly important national sovereignty issues there – the likelihood is the EU, as …

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‘Productivity South Africa’ use our new book

May, 2013 Productivity SA just hosted the ‘Inaugural Gauteng Regional Productivity Awards’ at the Emperor’s Palace in Ekurhuleni, South Africa They quoted extensively from our new book ‘Productivity Knowhow’. Spokesperson Sam Modiba said: “The city is home to various industries and has been advocating a departure from being a consumptive to a productive one” “It …

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