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Sep 02

Up wages to up demand to up productivity

Some say low productivity growth results in low GDP and wages growth – and productivity growth depends on new labour-saving inventions or new managemet practices that come along which allow companies to produce more output with fewer hours of work But others question this – does low productivity cause low wages and growth, or vice versa? …

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Apr 15

Passports to productivity Improvement?

Some say the ‘Productivity Puzzle’ is the result of a storm of problems affecting both supply and demand in G7 developed nations viz: Supply: In the past, major technological advances (aka Schumpeter discontinuities) enabled quantum leaps in productivity levels – G7 nations would all adopt them and improve at about the same rate – now, without more …

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Apr 01

Diageo appoints a CPO

At long last, a major company has appointed a Chief Productivity Officer (CPO) – at least it’s the first one I’ve read about Diageo have clearly recognised the supreme importance of productivity improvement to their long term success and elevated their previous CIO, Brian Franz, to this new position IT is indeed important, but it …

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