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Dec 27

The ‘Unipart Way’

Unipart, the car parts company, founded by John Neill some 30 years ago and a huge success given it now has £1bn revenue and 10,000 employees – this week I was invited by Frank Nigriello, their Director of Corporate Affairs, for what turned out to be a long chat about their approach, the ‘Unipart Way’ and …

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May 11

Vanguard lead way for big improvements

Productivity is the most important peacetime issue facing any nation or organisation – therefore, one would expect all governments and major business schools, management organisations and consultancies to focus on it  Not so For example: The UK has no well-known, well-supported productivity ‘centre of excellence’ e.g. a UK Productivity Centre – HMG might occasionally set …

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Five basic steps for big improvements

ORGANISATION LEVEL: Managers, whatever their level, need to take just five basic steps to make big productivity improvements – click on the link below for outline details BUT: 1. Corporate plans – If they exist, they’re not seen or understood by most managers 2. Performance measures – Most lack 80% of the measures they need …

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