Apr 01

Diageo appoints a CPO

  • At long last, a major company has appointed a Chief Productivity Officer (CPO) – at least it’s the first one I’ve read about

  • Diageo have clearly recognised the supreme importance of productivity improvement to their long term success and elevated their previous CIO, Brian Franz, to this new position

  • IT is indeed important, but it is only one of the tools/ skills needed for productivity improvement

  • In his new role as CPO Franz says he is: “Helping to lead a targeted drive across our entire cost base and plans to save £500m by 2019, two-thirds of which will be reinvested in growth”

  • He adds: “Productivity savings are often wrongly associated in simply cutting costs – we want to put the consumer at the heart of what we’re doing and drive top-line growth through productivity-focused activities”

  • One can only hope all other FTSE 100 companies and, indeed, all UK Medium and Large Enterprises, follow suit

  • Then, at long last, we might see a breakout in the apparent sclerotic UK productivity growth rate


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