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‘Productivity Knowhow’

  • Errol Babington, KPMG, London, UK – “Very different, very readable, very useful”

  • Tim Battle, CEO, Rational House and Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club colleague, London, UK – “Essential for my various train journeys – full of sound common sense on a subject that deserves attention, particularly in the state sector – you should be proud of it”

  • Peter Davenport, PA colleague, Director of Lemarne Corporation, Australia – “Very comprehensive”


  • Jenni Harrison, Senior Editor, Spiderwize, UK – “Very well researched and authoritative – a great book that will be informative and instructive to anyone looking to improve productivity, or even just their knowledge of productivity in business”

  • Terry Leahy, CEO, Tesco PLC, UK – “A lot of practical insights”

  • Carla O’Dell, President of American Productivity and Quality Council, USA – “I wish you all the best in spreading the productivity message – do keep us posted”

  • Roger O’Neil, Chairman, Mobil UK, London – “You have produced a handbook on how to follow best practice in every phase of business, even as an investor – I like the way you did it – it’s a guide one can dip in and out of based on the topic one is interested in – congratulations on producing it”

  • PAPA – Pan Africa Productivity Association – “A wonderful, user-friendly book”

  • Bill Poulter, PA colleague, London, UK – “Vast amount of good stuff – must have taken ages – love the quotes at the bottom of each page”

  • Ray Soper, McKinsey & Co and Venture capitalist, Sydney, Australia– “Impressive – lots of valuable information and concepts”

  • Lionel Titman, PA colleague, Slovenia – “Great – well done to you”


 SECTIONS  ______________________________________________________________________ 1. Productivity basics: Definitions – ‘Old’ v ‘New’ productivity – Efficiency v Effectiveness Why so important – for people, organisations and nations Current management views    2. Scope to improve: Performance level variations Private and public sector potential Opinion testing – Insiders’ and outsiders’ views    3. The Productivity revolution: Agricultural revolution Industrial, then …

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How to buy

Paperback copies of the updated and revised version of  ‘Productivity Knowhow’ by Dick Smythe are now available from Amazon.com and most well-known bookstores Quote book number ISBN 978-1-911113-72-0 Each copy costs £24.99 in the UK or the currency equivalent in other countries – plus p&p Click on link below for ease of purchase  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Productivity-Knowhow-Dick-Smythe/dp/1911113720/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508596393&sr=8-1&keywords=productivity+knowhow

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