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Nov 20

A. Knowledge ladders

All animals, humans included, are born with a brain within which resides an instinctive control system, ticking away 24/ 7 much like a Microsoft operating system This subconscious system controls most of what we need to survive and protect ourselves, procreate, feel pain and pleasure It also stores knowledge acquired by learning by rote and practice …

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Sep 22

A. UK management skills lacking

Alexandra Frean, a business columnist of The Times, claims: “The most accessible solution to Britain’s low-productivity problem is the presence in virtually every workplace of accidental managers” i.e. people who are promoted to positions quite different to past jobs where they did well She says they cannot be thrown in at the deep end – …

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Sep 14

C. Robots to transform education

An article in The Times reported that Anthony Seldon, former headmaster of Wellington College, UK, believes: “The imminent arrival of robot teachers will herald the greatest revolution in education” “Personalised learning, facilitated by artificial intelligence, will mean that every student from Eton to the most deprived school in Blackpool, will receive education of a standard …

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Sep 01

C. Skills mismatches, training failures!

A report by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) claims the number of ‘overeducated’ UK workers has increased by a third over the past decade – companies are failing to make use of their skills There is also a mismatch between employees’ training and what employers find useful And yet they say: “About a …

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