AI has biggest potential in eight sectors

After a detailed assessment of the current and future use of AI and its economic impact on new jobs and new products, PWC – a big four accountancy firm – say the biggest potential for AI impact lies in eight sectors viz:

  • Healthcare – via data driven diagnostic support, pandemic identification, imaging diagnostics (radiology, pathology)
  • Automotive – via autonomous fleets for ride sharing, smart cars/driver assist, predictive and autonomous maintenance
  • Financial services – via personalised financial planning, fraud detection and anti-money laundering, transaction automation
  • Retail – via personalised design and production, customer insights generation, inventory and delivery management
  • Technology, communications and entertainment – via media archiving and search, content creation (marketing, film, music etc.), personalised marketing and advertising
  • Manufacturing – via enhanced monitoring and auto-correction, supply chain and production optimisation, on-demand production
  • Energy – via smart metering, more efficient grid operation and storage, intelligent infrastructure maintenance
  • Transport and logistics – via autonomous trucking and delivery, traffic control and reduced congestion, enhanced security


If PWC are right, then the economic impact of AI may eventually rank alongside that of other GPTs – General Purpose Technologies – such as electricity and the internal combustion engine

Hence, the sooner all businesses, particularly in the above eight sectors, realise the benefits on offer from AI, the better it will be for both them and their home nations

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