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Jan 29

Buffett bullish on future

Warren Buffett, stock-picker extraordinaire and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the richest men in the world – his words are invariably ‘pearls of wisdom’ His optimism contrasts well with the pessimism of his fellow-countryman Professor Robert Gordon who claims progress, and so prosperity, has peaked A precis of a recent bullish article by …

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Nov 07

Scanning the productivity horizon

First, productivity improvement transformed the agriculture sector providing millions more people with more and better quality of food and drink at more affordable prices Then it was manufacturing’s turn, providing more and better clothes and shoes, white goods and cookers, bikes, cars or planes – all making lives easier and getting from A to B …

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Oct 31

Current productivity levels

Existing national measures of GDP and productivity suggest the national wealth pie is not growing as before, and apparent productivity gaps between the UK and other developed G7 nations, which have persisted for decades, continue to do so The ONS (Office for National Statistics) admits to making errors and assumptions when collecting and publishing this …

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Jul 31

Current productivity measures

Nowadays, the constant media refrain is: “G7 productivity growth has slowed right down – living standards will fall – inequality will rise – it’s a puzzle why” Some experts say we couldn’t keep on growing at 2% plus per annum: We’re in an era of ‘secular stagnation’ according to Larry Summers, Harvard economics professor Goldman …

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Jul 17

Productivity sure aint ‘dull’

The following is a letter sent to the Sunday Times on 17 July, 2017 following an article by Andrew Marr, the broadcaster and journalist, which concludes that ‘productivity is dull’ Productivity has transformed the lives of most people in the UK What were luxuries for a select few a mere 100 years ago, if they even …

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Jun 23

If productivity so vital, why not measured?

Capita recently surveyed 250 managers and 250 workers across a range of UK industries including retail, logistics and construction They found a ‘huge disconnect’ between the number of managers who feel productivity is important and those who actually measure it Key findings were: Just 32% of bosses feel their business is very productive yet 71% …

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Myths about productivity?

An interesting set of views and counter claims about productivity are presented below – they were found on Google: It leads to higher wages – it doesn’t – it needs collective bargaining, but unions have mostly lost their influence It doesn’t result in fewer jobs – in an ideal world it would lead to increased output, increased market …

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