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Feb 05

Africa seeks CI benefits – the West ignores them!

We have already reported that the Japanese government via their METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and the JPC (Japanese Productivity Centre) are helping African companies with productivity improvement by adopting Kaizen, aka CI (Continuous Improvement) Now we find they’re collaborating with the Nigeria NPC (National Productivity Centre) to improve productivity in that country’s manufacturing …

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Feb 02

Japan pushes CI into Africa

The Japanese government, via the JPC (Japan Productivity Centre) is helping African companies on their productivity journey by adopting Kaizen (aka CI – Continuous Improvement) and lean management techniques At first, they selected three Model Companies in Africa – Japanese experts trained their middle managers and supervisors – then productivity improvements were sought The results were …

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Nov 21

Continuous productivity improvement

Gerard Lyons, Chief economist at Netwealth, quoted a report from the Centre for Economic Justice: “There is no magical solution to low productivity – instead, marginal improvements can make a difference” Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, said you can master anything so long as you practise it for 10,000 hours – but make the same …

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Nov 02

Great performers use CI

There’s a direct read-across between how the best in business emulate the best in sport In an article in The Times, Matthew Syed asks ‘What separates greats from wasted talents?’: “Great athletes are hyper-confident – they don’t believe they have any weaknesses – they cannot be beaten – they’re already perfect and so cannot continually improve” …

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Sep 04

Continuous Improvement is a must for all

In an article written by Dr John Neill for The New European he considered ways to end austerity initiatives without bankrupting the country and ‘put the UK back on the right road’ He kicked off quoting the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England arguing that if the British economy could achieve the same performance …

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