Category: 09. Customers

Customer measures needed

Once, supply of most goods and services people wanted to buy was limited – suppliers thus had the whip-hand – for example, Ford could offer their ‘Model T’ cars using the strap line “any colour so long as it’s black” Those days are long gone Mid 20’th century and on, competition between suppliers started to …

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The mighty CSR hits the buffers

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – is said to have been started by John Spedan Lewis for his retail chain: “Solely to make the world happier and a bit more decent” Unilever has the goal of ‘making sustainable living commonplace’ – they believe that ‘by doing good they will do well’ And many major investors such …

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BA put customers last

BA – British Airways – was once state-owned and nicknamed ‘Bloody Awful’ Then, in the 80s under Lord King and Colin Marshall, it transformed itself into the ‘World’s Favourite Airline’, not least by delivering the now-famous PPF (Putting People First) course to all staff, some 200 at a time, who assembled at upmarket venues such …

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