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Jun 10

Competition drives innovation

An unforgettable lesson on the need to avoid protectionism, told by Joe Atikian in the Globe and Mail, USA Competition in an advanced economy leads to more science, more advanced engineering and better products. That lesson should have been fully ingrained in the 1950s, when Russia beat the United States into space and permanently retained the …

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Jun 05

Red-tape stifles productivity

Interesting views appeared in the Daily Telegraph the other day from Sir John Timpson, chairman of the high-street services provider, Timpson. He was asked what he thought the main issues were when it comes to the UK’s productivity problem – his reply is presented below, en toto We’re a nation of pessimists, beating ourselves up about a …

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May 20

New technology for improved productivity 

According to an article by Suresh Rangarajan, Head of Communications at Tata Motors, in the past decade we have created several new tools and platforms to transform our business environments to be more efficient, productive and cost-effective. It’s become a tidal wave Today, we hold advanced computing capabilities in our pockets. The smartphone is the …

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Apr 01

Absentee leaders are worst of all

 A surprising insight by Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan Assessment Systems, was recently published in the prestigious Harvard Business Review – extracts follow ______________________________________________________ A young friend recently remarked that the worst boss he ever had would provide him with feedback that always consisted of “you’re doing a great job” but they both knew it wasn’t true — …

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Feb 12

AI pluses versus minuses

We already know Elon Musk, South African born multi-billionaire, predicts that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be more dangerous than North Korea And legendary physicist Professor Steven Hawking was also wary: “AI has the potential to be the worst event in the history of our civilisation” On the other hand, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates pooh-poohs their pessimism and …

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