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Jul 07

Sheffield’s answer to the puzzle

In 2015, the University of Sheffield showed Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, two photographs: One of the Orgreave coking plant that closed in 1990 – ‘a brown and broken edifice dissolving like a rust stain into a post-industrial landscape’ The other, taken a decade later, of a solitary gleaming building on the …

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Apr 12

Beware taking the IT plunge

Professor John Seddon, CEO of Vanguard Consultants (with whom I have no connection, only admiration) has just issued the following wake-up call for business leaders investing in the digital bandwagon The Big Consultancies (mea culpa – I was once a member of one of them – Ed.) too often peddle unnecessarily complex solutions to business …

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Mar 08

Failure demand

The following article is reproduced en toto – it explains a concept which has an enormous impact on the efficiency and costs of many processes and staff morale – sadly, far too many managers, and consultants, seem unable to understand it or refuse to believe it – far worse, many of their customers, whatever the …

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Mar 06

Examples – Process Productivity Improvement

We only know of one consultancy which offers a good, practical and highly effective way to improve process productivity, whatever the sector – Vanguard Consultants Hence, we thought you’d be interested in the big results they’re achieving in the banking sector, proving such results are out there and achievable if the right approach is used …

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Mar 03

Outsourcing and immigration have downsides

Washington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson and Harvard economist Jason Furman recently wrote that America’s weak productivity growth is a mystery in an article entitled “Slower growth has real political consequences” A Peter Skurkiss responded, commenting that “it wouldn’t be a mystery if these gentlemen would set aside their politically correct blinders” He continued A major …

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