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Global productivity

  •  At present, the rich G7 nations tend to look after themselves first and foremost
  • Their focus is on getting richer – on increasing their own, already high, GDP and prosperity levels – they regard it as a disaster if GDP contracts by even 1%

  • Meanwhile, relatively poor nations stay poor despite receiving considerable ‘overseas aid’
  • Thus the gap between rich and poor nations widens
  • Such gaps also arise within nations – even the rich G7 have their poor citizens
  • There the rich are getting richer whilst the poor, and middle classes, are getting poorer
  • Plainly, this is wrong



Global goals

Years ago, the UN announced its ‘Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs) to be achieved by 2015 Overall, there was, and has been since, considerable if not total success in meeting them                           MDGs – by 2015 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. Achieve universal …

Global action needed

Clearly, cash and food aid must always be ready for those nations hit by a disaster and desperately in need After that, most G7/ G20 foreign aid should focus on teaching GRoW nations: How to find water, irrigate and farm their land How to provide minimum levels of health care How to educate their own …

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