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Special improvement projects

  • There are several acronyms on offer, each offering much the same steps, including:
    • DMAIC from Six Sigma
    • PDCA from Dr Edwards Deming
    • SREDIM from R. M. Currie and Work Study



Organisation level

At organisation level, productivity improvement involves much more than squeezing the most out of existing resources – it looks for  opportunities to launch new products or services, to open up new markets or segments, or to restructure the business in some other major way Such changes are sometimes prompted as much by a CEO’s ego …

Process level

In most organisations, especially in the services sector where less attention has been paid to it than in manufacturing, the productivity of most processes could be improved by at least 20%, and many by over 50% In a  majority of cases, it is the system or process that provides the potential for productivity improvement, not …

Task level

There are usually many different tasks which form one whole process We’ve considered process productivity improvement and seen that, usually, the biggest sources for improvements lie not in those tasks but in the waste of (paid) effort spent on unwanted demand or unnecessary work  We know that, occasionally, it can make more sense to keep …

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