If productivity so vital, why not measured?

Capita recently surveyed 250 managers and 250 workers across a range of UK industries including retail, logistics and construction

They found a ‘huge disconnect’ between the number of managers who feel productivity is important and those who actually measure it

Key findings were:

  • Just 32% of bosses feel their business is very productive yet 71% don’t measure productivity at all (n.b. if managers don’t measure productivity well, they can’t manage it well, so they don’t)
  • Nevertheless, 87% of managers and 75% of workers feel they have high (personal) levels of productivity at work (n.b. most feel they’re working efficiently (versus effectively?) for their business as a whole)
  • 90% of managers feel they motivate their employees (n.b. most never ask them)
  • 66% of employees admit they waste at least an hour a day at work – 75% of managers feel their employees waste at least two hours a day (n.b. both are significant under-estimates of the waste of time in most organisations -it’s their biggest productivity killer when restricted to ’employing existing resources’)
  • Only 23% of employees and 25% of managers cite ‘bad management’ as a cause of low productivity (n.b. it should be 100% in both cases)


It’s yet more proof that it’s not the top 20%  of businesses and managers that have a productivity problem – it’s the rest 



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