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Our People

These are early days, so kindly bear with us as we seek to grow and improve

Over time, we plan to build a network of independent professional productivity improvers – friends who become members of the PK Club

Each will have successful experience in productivity improvement so we can offer a wider, more-in-depth range of practical advice, comment and information to users of this website – all for free

Please note that the PK club is NOT trying to be an alternative management consultancy firm charging hefty fees for running major improvement/ change projects – in particular:

  • We do not want to be involved in any time-consuming projects although we might be able to recommend a specialist consultancy if such resources are needed

  • Our members have already been financially successful and so, at most, will seek only token amounts to reflect users’ appreciation of services offered and cover modest expenses if and when site visits are involved

The basic criteria we use for selecting people to join the PK Club are:

  • A successful track record in any area of productivity improvement, often including time with a major management consultancy

  • A successful management track record in the private or public sector

  • Personal chemistry fits with existing team members and possible clients given we have no offices and so meet only via the internet or at each other’s homes, clubs or on their boats

  • Keen not to waste all the valuable experience gained out there

So, if you believe you might fit our selection criteria and would like to join us and contribute to this website, we’d be very happy to hear from you