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Apr 12

Beware taking the IT plunge

Professor John Seddon, CEO of Vanguard Consultants (with whom I have no connection, only admiration) has just issued the following wake-up call for business leaders investing in the digital bandwagon The Big Consultancies (mea culpa – I was once a member of one of them – Ed.) too often peddle unnecessarily complex solutions to business …

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Mar 06

Examples – Process Productivity Improvement

We only know of one consultancy which offers a good, practical and highly effective way to improve process productivity, whatever the sector – Vanguard Consultants Hence, we thought you’d be interested in the big results they’re achieving in the banking sector, proving such results are out there and achievable if the right approach is used …

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Nov 21

CBI calls for more companies to use digital technology

According to the CBI – Confederation of British Industry – the UK needs ‘more companies skilled to find and adopt available technologies and management best practices known to improve productivity and pay’ In particular, the use of cloud computing, mobile technology, e-purchasing, cybersecurity and on-line procurement could result in a £100 billion boost to the …

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Aug 06

MGI assess productivity puzzle

The MGI (McKinsey Global Institute), the in-house think tank of the consulting giant McKinsey & Co, opened a recent ‘discussion paper’ on the productivity puzzle afflicting the USA and other developed economies by stating: “Now, as low birth rates slow the expansion of the labour force, increasing productivity, the output we get from every hour …

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Jul 11

Benefits of digital investment need time

An interesting article from IoT Agenda explores why digital investment in increasingly capable devices/ things/ solutions are empowering businesses to transform their processes and workflows but not yet showing up in real productivity gains One theory is ‘the metrics used are suspect’ – however, the author sides with another The rapid evolution in transformative technologies …

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