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Apr 12

Beware taking the IT plunge

Professor John Seddon, CEO of Vanguard Consultants (with whom I have no connection, only admiration) has just issued the following wake-up call for business leaders investing in the digital bandwagon The Big Consultancies (mea culpa – I was once a member of one of them – Ed.) too often peddle unnecessarily complex solutions to business …

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Feb 24

Current measures have huge gaps

Most managers, whether at task, process or organisation level, lack the comprehensive set of performance measures they need to cover all their KRAs (Key Result Areas) In effect, they’re flying blind Current coverage is estimated to be as follows: 90% – Financial results – in particular, Revenue, Costs, Profits – at board level, they might …

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Jan 18

Groupthink waffle or Vanguard results?

The following is a precis of part of an email from Professor John Seddon of Vanguard Consultants (with whom I have no connection) who  spoke at a public-sector ‘shared services’ conference The opening keynote was from the interim leader of the Government Shared Service programme – a very nice man – who said: We aim …

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Nov 02

Great performers use CI

There’s a direct read-across between how the best in business emulate the best in sport In an article in The Times, Matthew Syed asks ‘What separates greats from wasted talents?’: “Great athletes are hyper-confident – they don’t believe they have any weaknesses – they cannot be beaten – they’re already perfect and so cannot continually improve” …

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Sep 17

Core human needs at work

Much has already been said about hierarchies of human needs which need to be met if workers are to be motivated However, a recent study of 12,000 white collar workers by Tony Schwartz, CEO of ‘The Energy Project’ and Professor Christine Porath of Georgetown University is well worth noting They claim that employees have four …

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