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Apr 02

International trends for main sectors

As economies develop, their three main sectors – agriculture, manufacturing and services – tend to follow specific patterns: The agriculture sector shrinks The manufacturing sector grows initially, and then begins to decline in favour of the services sector The services sector grows In particular, a study of trends in 24 countries over the period 2000-14 …

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Mar 09

Steel industry productivity

Professor Mark Perry, University of Michigan, wrote about productivity in the US steel industry This is especially relevant given President Trump is threatening to protect the industry by introducing tariffs of 25% on imported steel and 10% on imported aluminium ______________________________________________________________________   The main reason for the loss of US steel jobs is a huge …

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Feb 09

NZ Productivity Commission slams their public sector

A new NZPC (New Zealand Productivity Commission) report slams parts of their public sector for inefficiency It says the private sector measures its productivity but the public sector falls short despite $40 billion being spent every year on such as health, education, justice, law and order and social welfare “The New Zealand government has been …

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Jun 29

Hi/ Lo productivity for Hi/ Lo wages

It’s a nation’s mix of sectors that largely determines its overall productivity and prosperity levels And some sectors are much more productive than others For example, the UK has some highly productive sectors such as manufacturing which are continually improving their (labour) productivity levels by investing in latest technology such as robotics, automation, IoTand AI …

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