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This website targets managers at all levels who are interested in improving productivity

Although marred by association with unfair pay deals and staff cuts, ‘productivity improvement’ is more about recognising whether time, effort or materials are being wasted, or customer loyalty is being squandered, or opportunities for greater profit are being overlooked

And with national productivity so key to any country’s collective prosperity, every improvement in any enterprise, or any public service, is to the good

Our focus is on first measuring the right things and then finding practical ways to close performance gaps using approaches which have been proven to work well

All information and opinions are offered for free

They are all included in  our latest, updated book, ‘Productivity Knowhow’ Revisited, to be published by Xmas, 2022







Dick Smythe was educated at Bolton School, then graduated in pure mathematics and statistics from St Andrews University – afterwards, he took a masters degree in Operations Research at Birmingham University under the great Professor Stephen Vajda of mathematical programming fame He became a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Operational Research Society, Institute of …