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Most organisations, and nations, have productivity levels well below their potential 

Most could produce at least 30% more services or output using their current input resources , or cut 30% of their inputs and still provide the same output and outcomes – but few would believe it

Hence, this website was set up to provide free information, comment and advice to all those managers, including government officials, who are keen to ‘have a go’ at major productivity improvement but lack the knowhow on what to do

We are a team of businessmen and consultants with many years’ front-line experience in achieving BIG productivity improvements in organisations, large and small, from both the public and private sectors – experience of ‘what works‘ and, more importantly, ‘what does not work

On this website, we regularly publish posts offering views on issues relevant to productivity at work

To date, we have also published a trilogy of books on productivity improvement, listed on Amazon, which some already say are enjoyable as well as helpful viz:

  • ‘Productivity Knowhow’ – the basics all managers need to know to make big improvements
  • ‘Productivity Quotes’ – a selection of over 1,000 relevant quotes
  • ‘Productivity Postbag’ – a selection of posts published about productivity issues


Last but not least, if you are struggling with one or more of the following issues addressed on this website, simply click on the connections below to find help that worked for others viz:


N.B.1  Productivity improvement isn’t about working more hours – it’s about working smarter by a combination of cutting waste, making better use of existing resources and investing in best practices and new technology

N.B.2  We warmly welcome constructive comments you may have so we can at least take our own medicine, continuously improve this website and enable more organisations, and so workers, to benefit