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  • Productivity improvement is the biggest issue facing any manager at any level in any organisation in any sector – and the biggest peacetime issue facing any government minister too
  • Hence, one would expect there to be thousands of books, seminars, conferences, courses, websites and apps on the subject, and specialist managers too – surprisingly, there are very few
  • Productivity is ‘off the radar’ for most managers and ministers, whatever they might say – they’re ‘flying blind’ when running their teams, or nations – daily events top their priority lists, firefighting is the norm, productivity improvement is not even on the agenda of most
  • The result?
  • Most organisations in most sectors, public and private, operate well below their potential capacity – the majority could offer much more or better, many with fewer resources and at much less cost
  • The same applies to all nations, whatever their stage of economic development
  • Meanwhile, new ways to solve different management problems keep on appearing – some work well, some less so – and some are best described as ‘nonsense on stilts’ to quote Jeremy Grantham, the investment strategist
  • Sadly, most managers can’t choose between them – they need something or someone to distil the sense from all that is on offer
  • This website targets those managers, and government ministers, current and potential, who are keen to make big improvements but lack the ‘productivity knowhow’
  • It underlines the importance of productivity improvement and details how to take action to obtain big results
  • Its overarching aim?
  • To help all managers and government ministers to improve lives





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