Most organisations, and nations, perform well below their potential i.e. most could produce at least 30% more services or output using the same resources, or cut 30% of their inputs/ costs and still provide the same output/ outcomes

You may be a manager or government minister of one of them and struggling with one or more of the following issues – the many pages on this website cover ways to address most of them – simply click on the relevant connections below to find help that worked for others viz:

Productivity improvement isn’t about working more hours – it is about working smarter by first cutting waste, making better use of existing resources and then investing in best practices and technology everywhere

This website offers free information, comment and advice to all those managers and government ministers who are keen to ‘have a go’ at major productivity improvement but lack the knowhow on what to do

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Happiness beats GDP hands down

Economist Ed Conway claims in The Times that “GDP is actually pretty good at measuring the total amount of income generated in Britain” His main point is that: Every politician from right to left obsesses about income above all other measures of progress Yet income comes surprisingly far down the list of what really matters …

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Much innovation not reflected in statistics

Susan Athey, ex Microsoft and now Expedia and winner of a prestigious medal for being the best US technology economist, was interviewed by journalist Ana Fuentes The following are extracts from her article: Q. Global growth, now running at 3.5%, might be a lot higher if we took into account the whole contribution from digitalisation …

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