Continuous Improvement is a must for all

In an article written by Dr John Neill for The New European he considered ways to end austerity initiatives without bankrupting the country and ‘put the UK back on the right road’

He kicked off quoting the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England arguing that if the British economy could achieve the same performance as the automotive industry since the financial crash of 2008, the prize would be half a trillion pounds

Given the UK economy is demanding more and more government (i.e. taxpayer) funding for the health service, defence, police, education and infrastructure he suggests the only way is to grow our economy faster, and for decades to come

And the only way to do that is to keep all great businesses that generate jobs and taxes here at home, not outsourced abroad, plus attract even more to our shores

And to do that requires incentives for both capital and talent:

  • Capital now moves fast to where it is treated best
  • The range of talent needed gets wider and deeper by the day – indeed, there’s a global war raging for the best

Never before have so many game-changing technologies become available to so many organisations – leaders are advancing fast whilst continuously reducing their unit costs

The global automotive industry is a good example – and, in the process, they focus on meeting their customers’ needs and the Order Cycle Time between selling and delivering their goods

In particular, Japanese car companies make THOUSANDS of small improvements EVERY DAY to remove waste and friction from their processes

The same is true of other leading companies in other important sectors worldwide

Hence, many countries are trying to attract beacon companies away to them

The fact is that winning greater global market share depends on producing better, more innovative, higher quality products than the competition – and the competition never stands still

Continuous improvement (CI) is therefore essential for any organisation’s long life and any nation’s long term prosperity

Its huge impact is much the same as another CI – Compound Interest – about which no less a person than Einstein said: “The most powerful force in the universe is CI”

Hence one is baffled by the fact that most in the West ignore it



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