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What scope to improve?

  • In G7 nations, the evidence suggests there are many more organisations performing below rather than above the median

  • Not only that:

    • 80% never seek to improve by much at all

    • Most of the other 20% only target the next performance level up and, once that is achieved, elect to do little more

  • The fact is that most G7 organisations, across both public and private sectors, could improve their productivity levels by at least 20% – many by much more

  • However, most seek paltry 1% or 2% improvements at best, and their managers are happy if they achieve them

  • This attitude costs nations big-time – a 20% productivity improvement across all sectors could translate into a saving of at least 20% of a nation’s GDP

  • For the UK alone, this would be an annual saving of at least £300 billion each and every year





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