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Book – Comments received

  • Errol Babington, KPMG, London, UK – “Very different, very readable, very useful”

  • Tim Battle, CEO, Rational House, London, UK – “Congratulations, a wealth of interesting and useful facts to be mined – essential for my various train journeys – full of sound common sense on a subject that deserves attention, particularly in the state sector – you should be proud of it”

  • Peter Davenport, Director of Lemarne Corporation, Australia – “Very comprehensive”

  • Mike Davies, Winchester University Business School – “Not only does the latest version of your book highlight the benefits of increased productivity to companies and nations but it provides practical guides on how to achieve this – it is really a general manager’s guide to running a successful enterprise – Congratulations!”

  • Soumitra Dutta, CEO, Global Business School Network, Said Business School, Oxford University –  “Thankyou for the copy of your book – I have shared it with some of my colleagues at Oxford – with best wishes”

  • Jenni Harrison, Senior Editor, UK – “Very well researched and authoritative – a great book that will be informative and instructive to anyone looking to improve productivity, or even just their knowledge of productivity in business”

  • Terry Leahy, CEO, Tesco PLC, UK – “A lot of practical insights”

  • Carla O’Dell, President of American Productivity and Quality Council, USA – “I wish you all the best in spreading the productivity message – do keep us posted”

  • Roger O’Neil, Chairman, Mobil UK, London – “You first produced a handbook on how to follow best practice in every phase of business, even as an investor – I liked the way you did it – and your revised book is better – shorter is more effective – I was especially interested in national productivity given the continuous chorus of voices emphasising that Britain cannot progress without it, yet not being able to explain what was wrong and how to fix it – your chapter, as rewritten, helps understand the problem, and points out the flaws both in the concept of its importance and in how to measure it – and, in rereading the chapter, I am struck again at the recommendations on what governments can do – you make it clear – if we ever needed clarity on that, it is now as the UK pours money into politically necessary but unproductive spending”

  • PAPA, Pan Africa Productivity Association – “A wonderful, user-friendly book”

  • Bill Poulter, PA colleague, London, UK – “Vast amount of good stuff – must have taken ages – love the quotes at the bottom of each page”

  • Ray Soper, McKinsey & Co and Venture capitalist, Sydney, Australia – “Impressive – lots of valuable information and concepts”

  • Lionel Titman, PA colleague, Slovenia – “Great – well done to you”

  • Successful business school graduate – “If I’d had this book available, I’d have got a first”