Extra task performance measures

Some interesting ideas follow from ‘Entrepreneur Europe’ on ways to assess the performance of a team – marketing or software development, say – and keeping a finger on their pulse

Four extra performance measures are proposed:

  1. Planned-to-done ratios:
    • How well have plans been executed?
    • What % were completed satisfactorily, or better?
  2. Cycle time:
    • Work is usually completed in ‘iterative sprints’
    • Break down a project into bite-sized small-cycles and optimise each
    • The more quickly each one is done, the quicker the whole project
  3. Attendance:
    • This can make a big difference to the success of the whole project
    • Uncommitted or burnt-out team members – hence missed meetings, sick days, late arrivals – can have a serious effect on project progress and overburden others causing resentment and sometimes mental health issues
  4. Escaped defects over time:
    • Re software teams, how many bugs have been missed in a new product i.e. number of defects that affect the customer?
    • Re marketing teams, how many failed campaigns have there been, or customer complaints?
    • Is quality being sacrificed to meet deadlines – does talent need to be re-allocated?

The team leader’s job is continually to monitor his team’s productivity and connect business goals to project outcomes – and the above would help him make data-driven decisions about future tasks

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