German army efficiency grid

A useful thought follows, dredged up from an old copy of ‘Bluffers Guide‘ re consultancy which, in many ways, continues to be relevant today whilst also raising a chuckle or two

The German army was once renowned for its efficiency – but how did they manage this?

It was said to be because of the way in which its officers were selected

At the outset, all its officer cadets were assumed to be brave and responsible – however, on completion of their training course, they were divided into four categories:

  • Clever or
  • Stupid
  • Lazy or
  • Hard-working

Lazy and stupid cadets were drafted into the infantry

Lazy and clever cadets were sent on for training as General Staff officers because clever and idle men always find the quickest way of getting things done

Clever and hard-working cadets were dispatched for training as Administrative Staff officers where their qualities were those exactly needed

And stupid, hard-working cadets were returned to civilian life

 It’s another useful way to categorise complex whole populations into more manageable groups, much like the Boston and Ike’s grids do



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