We have published a few books related to productivity and how to improve it – see below – and also list many other books which we found to be useful and may be of interest to you too:

              • ‘Productivity Knowhow Revisited’ 

‘Productivity Knowhow’ Revisited Book

              • ‘Adventuring out to Sea’

                • A compilation of personal notes compiled over many years spent sailing socially or ocean racing, plus some nuggets of experiences out there, plus naval expressions often used but rarely understood – for busy managers, mostly land-bound, who choose to  relax and recharge their batteries on the water

              • ‘Productivity Quotes’

                • A selection of business quotes from a wide spectrum of the ‘great and good’, collected over many years

              • ‘Productivity Postbag’

                • A selection of posts from the hundreds that have been published on this website


Book – ‘Productivity Knowhow Revisited’

This book provides the basic knowhow that all managers need if they want to make big productivity improvements Unlike other business books, the entire productivity improvement process is covered, from selecting the right measures and setting good targets through to conducting special improvement projects, both finding and implementing solutions – whilst also continuously improving anywhere, …

Library – Other books

The following lists books we found interesting and useful: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari 23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism – Ha-Joon Chang A History of Economics – John Kenneth Galbraith Albert Einstein – Arthur Beckhard A Short History of Financial Euphoria – John Kenneth Galbraith Assessing Projects …

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