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Productivity improvement process

  • The following five-stage process enables any manager at any level in any sector to continually improve his team’s productivity levels, whatever its size


  • The first stage is strategic, determined by senior management – the other four are tactical viz:
    • A corporate plan – http://www.productivityknowhow.com/?page_id=325 – to clearly define long term goals and broad initiatives, and ensure all managers are ‘pulling together’ rather than working independently
    • Good productivity measures – http://www.productivityknowhow.com/?page_id=122 – and targets derived from the corporate plan, for every manager to be in good control and ensure his team is ‘on track’
    • Good analysis tools – http://www.productivityknowhow.com/?page_id=327 – to identify where best to make changes needed
    • Good project management skills – http://www.productivityknowhow.com/?page_id=329 – to make big (> 20%) improvements 
    • Good systems in place to encourage continuous improvement everywhere – http://www.productivityknowhow.com/?page_id=331





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