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Mar 02

High wages drive productivity improvement

Received wisdom has it that productivity improvement leads to higher profits which leads to higher wages being paid But, according to Juliet Samuel in a most interesting Daily Telegraph article, the opposite is the case: “If wages don’t rise, Britain will remain stuck in the slow lane, on the road to permanent economic decline” She accepts …

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Jan 08

Hours and places of work?

Why is it we now work 9 til’ 5 for 5 days a week? Many years ago, people worked 7 days per week – then this fell to 6 days per week, but 12 hours per day It took Henry Ford, back in the 30s, to reduce the working week to 40 hours – 5 …

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Dec 28

Work hard, then play hard, for best results

Very very few can run at speed for long, like Mo Farah – we need to pause, rest and recover – only then can we rejoin the race and compete Nils Salzgeber (aka Hacker Noon), in a recent post, claims this is because ‘all organisms on this planet follow rhythms’ The most famous is the …

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Nov 20

Employee engagement drives productivity?

Employee engagement is nowadays seen as essential if an organisation is to perform well Gallup report that business units in the top quartile of employee engagement outperform bottom units with 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales and 21% higher profitability – all big performance differences MGI – McKinsey Global Institute – report that productivity increases by …

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Nov 18

Lifestyle changes are on the move

The UK’s CEBR – Centre for Economic and Business Research – claim an important change in preferences towards work is now on the move Many people are choosing jobs which offer less pay but more attractive lifestyles or ways to help others This change in attitude is already ‘a key element in around a third …

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