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What kills change?

Ken Blanchard, of ‘One Minute Manager’ fame, recently focused on why implementing change stumbles so much He listed 13 pitfalls that stop major change in its tracks without attaching relative weightings to each one so you are left to decide your own: Culture = The predominant attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of the organisation: The …

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Hire better managers

Vipula Gandhi, a Managing Partner at Gallup, has joined in the productivity debate with a new No Recovery report seeking reasons for the growth of USA GDP per capita (a measure of prosperity) having slowed from highs of 3% in the 1960s to only 0.5% now He argues that: A lack of major technological or …

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Absentee leaders are worst of all

 A surprising insight by Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan Assessment Systems, was recently published in the prestigious Harvard Business Review – extracts follow A young friend recently remarked that the worst boss he ever had would provide him with feedback that always consisted of “you’re doing a great job” but they both knew it wasn’t true — the …

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