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Failure demand

The following article is reproduced en toto – it explains a concept which has an enormous impact on the efficiency and costs of many processes and staff morale – sadly, far too many managers, and consultants, seem unable to understand it or refuse to believe it – far worse, many of their customers, whatever the …

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Business lives getting shorter

In an article in the Sunday Times, Luke Johnson, chairman of Risk Capital Partners, says turnarounds need exceptional managers or ‘company doctors’ and a radical agenda – and not many are equipped for the job First, why do many businesses fail in the short term, and virtually all in the longer term? In 1950 the …

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Conglomerates’ days are over – EU beware

In the last quarter of the last century, conglomerates were all the rage – the bigger the organisation, the better – CEO Owen Green built BTR – British Tyre and Rubber – into a huge business covering engineering, packaging, materials, building products and polymers He merged Dunlop, Sumitomo rubber industries, Hawker Siddeley aircraft production, Nylex industrial products, Siebe control …

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